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Vor allen fasziniert die Bühnenkunst der beiden herausragenden Hauptdarsteller, des Schauspielers Thomas Douglas (König Ödipus) und des Countertenors Michael Taylor (Seher Theresias). Douglas treibt mit nicht nachlassender Intensität in Sprache und Spiel seinen Ödipus mit teilweise explosiver Dramatik auf den Zusammenbruch angesichts der niederschmetternden Wahrheit hin.

Claus-Ulrich Heinke

Zu Zweit - Tagesanzeiger Zürich

Many of the scenes were clearly developed during filming, which gives the film a certain spontaneity. Not least thanks to good actors. Thomas Douglas portrays the emotionally endangered, helpless Andreas perfectly / wonderfully. A pleasure to watch.

Bruno Rauch

Zu Zweit - NZZ

Thomas Douglas as Andreas is a sensitive and subtile male character - a combination not often encountered in the German film scene.

Bettina Spörri

Zu Zweit - Laudatio, Züricher Filmpreis

„Zu Zweit“ captivates through the thrill of risk, the unexpected development of the plot and the acting prescence of Linda Olanski and Thomas Douglas: a powerful image of real life.

Corine Mauch

Zu Zweit - SRF

The fact, that Barabar Kulcsar, the director, lets the actors improvise, results in realistic and spontaneous dialogues. The ensemble is convincing in the art of improvisation, in particular the two leads Linda Olsansky and Thomas Douglas.

Zu Zweit

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Plötzlich Deutsch

After a slap on the head, a German-hostile Swiss fireman speaks perfect Berlin dialect. He has foreign language accent syndrome. A daring comedy by director Robert Ralston.



Die Schwarze Spinne - zentralplus online

The actors sang, shouted and groaned the texts, which deviated greatly from the original, in grusical style. The director Barbara-David Brüesch and the musical director Knut Jensen chiseled a very unique, often extremely humorous language on the characters. The mischievous one Lord Stoffeln (Thomas Douglas), who has something of the "Red Queen" from "Alice in Wonderland", sings, for example: "The castle is ready, the castle is nice, but it is hot".

Daniela Herzog

Die Tonhalle - nmz

The ironically witty Thomas Douglas moderates the concert, welcomes the extraordinary capacity of his establishment or turns the audience into a donkey by advising the use of the 'listening funnel' 'Tiny concert house' takes place, the concert has to assert itself increasingly against external sound events: a tourist group, loud applause from the big house, construction site noise or the cooing of pigeons - with which Häusermann play a loving game with his being on just five controls and glow drives.

Anna Schürmer

Orpheus Descending - NZZ

Thomas Douglas as Val is not the irresistable beau, which one might expect. But he gives the character an agile presence, which moves seamlessly between nonchalances, gentleness and brave decisiveness. Val fills the room without exageration, but with feeling in every fibre. The laconic of Jim Jarmush, the desire of Wong Kar-Wei: it is pure pleasure to watch him.

Alfred Schlienger