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20:05 - 21:40

Sunday, 30.06.2019

TV - Movie

Switzerland, 2014

95 Minutes


After a slap on the head, a German-hostile Swiss fireman speaks perfect Berlin dialect. He has foreign language accent syndrome. A daring comedy by director Robert Ralston. The small fire brigade in an idyllic Swiss village on the border to the "Great Canton" is to merge with its German colleagues. Captain Hans Ziegler (Martin Rappold) suggests to his colleague Steinke (THOMAS DOUGLAS) that they use a fire fighting competition to determine who will lead the Swiss-German fire brigade in the future. A stupid accident messes up preparation for the competition. Hans, who hates everything German, gets a slap on the head. Then he only speaks German with a strange Berlin accent. Because nobody is allowed to know this, he is silent. Foreign language accent syndrome is the name of the cerebral disease, which is very rare and is associated with an injury to the language center. The comedy with Martin Rapold and Thomas Douglas explores how someone feels who is suddenly in a different skin. The comedy about the conflicts between Germans and Swiss comes from a Swiss-German team. The author Martin Maurer comes from Constance, the director Robert Ralston is from Graubünden and lives in Berlin. It is produced by the The Zurich company Hugofilm.


With: Martin Rapold (Hans Ziegler), Anika Baumann (Manuela), Katharina von Bock (Frau Dr. Hausmann), Urs Jucker (Beat), Grégoire Gros (Christof), Simon Käser (Bruno), Thomas Douglas (Steinke)


Director: Robert Ralston

Script: Martin Maurer

DOP: Felix von Muralt

Production: Hugofilm - Christian Davi, Thomas Thümena

Casting: Ruth Hirschfeld