Ødipus REC.

How much knowledge is possible in a world in which we are constantly confronted with images and information? Are we blinded by the constant flow of visual information? The excessive imagery of our society, which is driven by economic interests, hides the underlying realities. "Ødipus REC." starts from the key encounter of Oedipus with Theresias and questions the ancient myth about its topicality anew. It's about the guilt of Oedipus, the blind spot of your own seeing, the unsaid and unheard of. How do we - in a visually overwhelmed information society - get away from passive watching towards committed knowledge? Listening as a utopia.

With: Thomas Douglas (Acting) | Michael Taylor (Countertenor) | Frederic Schultze (boy) | Ensemble Lemniscate: Daniel Moreira (musical direction, guitar) | Ellen Fallowfield (cello) | Azra Ramić (clarinet) | Gilles Grimaître (piano) | Miguel Ángel García Martín (percussion) Artistic Director The Navidsons: Till Wyler von Ballmoos (Director) | Ole Hübner (composition) | Tassilo Tesche (equipment) | Maria Huber (dramaturgy) | Maxine Devaud - Maxinthewood Productions (production manager) Lisa Danulat (texts)