Filming | Freddy - Das Leben ist kein Kindergarten

Freddy (Oliver Wnuk) and Juliana (Meike Droste) live in the house of Freddy's parents in the middle of Constance together with their five-year-old son Niko and 13-year-old daughter Zoe. Freddy is a professional educator and will soon take over the management of a kindergarten, Juliana is a practicing Zurich doctor - she was just offered the management of children's oncology. This leads to a conflict, because both do not want to separate from each other and their children, but they also do not want to risk their careers, which would have to be in different cities. And Juliana is tired of commuting. To make matters worse, Freddy's father Fritz (Peter Prager) suddenly appears after a break of 18 years. You can tell the children that the stressful situation does not leave them without a trace: Zoe commits shoplifting and Freddy attacks in kindergarten, he gets problems with his boss, Rolf Manthei (Thomas Douglas).

Director: Katja Benrath

Writer: Oliver Wnuk (idea) (screenplay)

Producers: Malte Grunert Amelie von Kienlin

Casting Director: Stefany Pohlmann