Filmpremiere | Moskau Einfach | Zürich | 13.02.2020

Autumn 1989: While the wall will soon fall in Berlin, the secret police in Switzerland are monitoring hundreds of thousands. Viktor (Philippe Graber), a good police officer, is secretly smuggled into the Zurich Schauspielhaus (director Flick / Thomas Douglas) by his superior (Mike Müller) in order to gather information about left-wing theater people. When he falls in love with the actress Odile (Miriam Stein), the person he is supposed to be watching, there is no turning back: he has to choose between his mission and his heart.

Directed by Micha Lewinsky |

Book Plinio Bachmann, Barbara Sommer, Micha Lewinsky |

Camera Tobias Dengler |

Montage Bernhard Lehner | Sound Marco Teufen | Music Ephrem Lüchinger |

Performers Philippe Graber, Miriam Stein, Mike Müller, Michael Maertens, Stefan Schönholzer, Fabian Krüger, Eva Bay, Thomas Douglas, Eva Bay, Oriana Schrage, Sebastian Krähenbühl, Kamil Krejci, Martin Ostermeier, Vera Flück, Gian Rupf, Ingo Ospelt, Lea Schmocker, Urs Jucker, Saladin Dellers, Denise Witsch, Peter Jecklin

Producer Anne-Catherine Lang Majer, Olivier Zobris

Original version German, Swiss German, 99 min.