THE USEDOMKRIMI - 'GOOD NEWS' | 13.10.22 | 20:15 hrs | ARD - Das Erste | GER

The prominent TV presenter Sandra Berger is dead. The horticultural entrepreneur Britta Hausmann finds the TV lady beaten to death in her Usedom holiday home. Chief Inspector Ellen Norgaard is shocked when she meets the husband of the dead woman at the crime scene, Jonas Gomez, another well-known TV presenter. The two are linked by the well-kept secret of a passionate affair.

Karin Lossow senses that Ellen is in a bad way. The inspector pours her heart out to her friend. No one at the police station yet suspects that Ellen was seeing Jonas Gomez at the time of the crime. It would mean the end of her career in the police and the probable end of her lover's career, who has no alibi for the time of the crime and is being blackmailed. The circle of suspects also includes the employees of the gardening company who were at the couple's holiday home before Berger's death, as well as the Greifswald art dealer Schwenkers (THOMAS DOUGLAS), who was also seen there. Ellen asks Karin to find out for her what role Schwenkers might have played. She doesn't want to do the questioning herself, as she fears Schwenkers might recognise her.

This programme is available in the ARD Mediathek for six months after broadcast.

Cast and crew

Role | Actor

Karin Lossow | Katrin Sass

Ellen Norgaard | Rikke Lylloff

Rainer Witt | Till Firit

Jonas Gomez | Nikolai Kinski

Dr. Brunner | Max Hopp

Holm Brendel | Rainer Sellien

Katharina Stozek | Milena Dreissig

Merle | Elsa Krieger

PM DoritJana | Julia Roth

Schwenkers | Thomas Douglas

Sandra Berger-Gomez | Loretta Stern

Britta Hausmann | Stephanie Gossger

Journalist "Noelle Noir" I |van Anderson

Jean Jaques | Elvis Clausen

Ms Grey | Katrin Hansmeier

Functional Area | Name of Staff Member

Music: Colin Towns

Camera: Hanno Lentz

Script: Dinah Marte Golch

Director: Matthias Tiefenbacher

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