FRANKEN-TATORT - "WARUM" | 01.05.2022 | 20:15 | ARD

AM 01.05.2022 on ARD at 20:15 + on SRF1 at 20:05 + in the media library of ARD.

The Frankentatort "WHY"

TV movie Germany 2021


Young IT specialist Lukas Keller is brutally murdered near his sports club with no apparent motive. At his workplace, a Nuremberg freight forwarding company, Lukas was held in high esteem. His boss Weinhardt had big plans for him. For Lukas' parents, the world is shattering.

They investigate on their own, while Lukas' new girlfriend, Mia Bannert, single mother of a young daughter, seems to be keeping a dangerous secret. She is scared to death. But why?

The traces of the crime remind Voss and Ringelhahn of an unsolved crime. But what does the murder of Lukas Keller have to do with the case six months earlier? The investigators circle around two cases at the same time and have to keep an eye on Lukas' desperate parents.

This program will be available in the ARD Mediathek for six months after broadcast.


Paula Ringelhahn | Dagmar Manzel

Felix Voss | Fabian Hinrichs

Marie Keller | Valentina Sauca

Fritz Keller | Karl Markovics

Wanda Goldwasser | Eli Wasserscheid

Sebastian Fleischer | Andreas

Leopold Schadt | Michael Schatz

Matthias Egersdöfer | Lukas Keller

Caspar Schuchmann | Mia Bannert

Julie Engelbrecht | Anja Maja Beckmann

Karl-Heinz Weinhardt | Götz Otto

Commissioner Tannert | Thomas Douglas



Director | Max Färberböck

Music | Ben Lukas Boysen

Camera | Georgij Pestov

screenplay | Max Färberböck | Catharina Schuchmann

Production | Hager Moss Film

Casting | Franziska Aigner