Premiere: "Zur schönen Aussicht" - Ödön von Horvath

Actor and officer, painter and plantation owner - that's what Strasser, Max and Karl once were. Today they live as director, waiter and chauffeur in the hotel "Zur schönen Aussicht" on the outskirts of a central European village. Since the season is going badly - crisis everywhere you look, the men are putting up with Baroness Ada von Stetten in exchange for explicit favors. With enough sparkling wine in the house, the involuntary community of those who feel cheated by life drinks itself nice.

It becomes unpleasant when Ada's twin brother Emanuel asks her for money, the salesman Müller wants to settle the open alcohol bill, but downright threatening when Christine, Strasser's ex-lover, shows up and tells him about love and their common child.

Ödön von Horváth's text is a comedy that throws abysses at us - his characters act brutally and crudely - and yet in all of them there is a longing for a different life. But Horváth's world no longer provides for an exit, even if it could still be had with a little compassion.

Director Martin Schulze's work on Horváth's crisis comedy shows a society of lone warriors whose only commonality is their precarious assertion of life. Schulze wants to look behind their cemented facades and thus make visible people who have long since given up hope of still being seen.