Premiere "Amok" by Stefan Zweig

1912 on the Atlantic. Two men meet at night on board a ship bound for Europe from Calcutta. Desperate and drunk, one tells of his fate as a doctor in the colonies. His passion for a woman made him run amok. He is partly responsible for her death and now accompanies the body on its journey to Europe. Also on board: the husband of the deceased, from whom he has to protect their shared secret. The doctor sacrifices everything for this woman – career, pension and ultimately his life. Stefan Zweig, master of the finest psychological representations, has repeatedly dealt with the cosmos of human obsessions. In borderline situations and states of emergency, he discovers the core of being human. Katja Langenbach and her team bring the powerfully eloquent novella to life as musical narrative theatre. Located somewhere in the border area between live radio play, reading and concert. Production team: Director: Katja Langenbach | Music: Mario Marchisella Light: Marc Hostettler | Video: Marianne Halter, Mario Marchisella Cast: Tini Prüfert | Thomas Douglas | Mario Marchisella


Fri 14.01. - 8:00 pm (sold out)

Fri 21.01. - 8:00 pm (sold out)

Sat 22.01. - 8:00 pm (sold out)

Sat 29.01. - 8:00 pm

Wed 09.02.- 20.00 (sold out)

Sat 12.02. - 8:00 pm

Sun 13.02. - 8:00 pm

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Inspiring premiere of "The Amok Runner"

The ensemble of the Lucerne Theater vividly illustrates the lush landscape of human emotions with all their fluctuations.This is mainly thanks to the actor Thomas Douglas: he seems to be able to show every facet of the inner life and ensures that the passion is transferred to the audience. He is flanked by the actress Tini Prüfert and the musician Mario Marchisella, who also charges the emotions with his sounds. The stage in the basement proves to be ideal for this production. Spatially cramped as on the ocean liner, we listen to what the suffering doctor has to tell us. You go on a journey and when you leave this theater ship you are touched by the intimacy of the emotional encounter and impressed by the acting performance of the ensemble. "The Amok Runner" is a masterful success and makes you want to go see the play a second time.

Emilia Sulek

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