Il Trionfo del tempo - Premiere + shows at the Lucerne Theatre

«Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?» 
Lana Del Rey

How do you measure beauty? Two scientists introduce the audience to the research of musical perception. Little by little, the characters from Handel's oratorio “Il Trionfo del Tempo” appear on the stage. At first perceived as pure messengers of Handel's baroque music, they themselves soon become test objects for scientific investigation. Bellezza and Tempo are analyzed, whereby even the audience can reveal their own feelings. An experimental evening that for the director Anna-Sophie Mahler deals with the question of how beauty can be defined and what makes it ephemeral. The audience and singers become test subjects in a scientific experiment, with Handel's oratorio being transported into a scientific context as a musically tangible material. Cast: Tania Lorenzo | Ziad take | Thomas Douglas | Tini Prüfert | Baroque ensemble Il Profondo Production team: Musical director: Andrés Locatelli | Director: Anna-Sophie Mahler | Stage and costumes: Sophie Krayer | Light: Marc Hostettler | Sound design: Michael Anklin, Marcel Babazadeh | Dramaturgy: Talisa Walser



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